Kids’ Routines

Routines are very important but very difficult to set, I personally do not stick to a perfect daily routine, before having kids I preferred to do during the day whatever I wanted to do important or not without a specific schedule, now a routine is established with the flow of the day. Here are the main things I do

Eating time, breakfast is in between 9am and 10am, lunch is at any time between 12:30pm and 2 pm and then dinner is from 6pm to 7pm. When daddy is around this is not our routine, because we end up having breakfast later in the morning, thus meal time moves slightly forward.

Easy cooking, do not get traumatised if you do not have time to prepare elaborated meals, anyway kids normally are very fuzzy, so you are the one who end up eating the whole meal. Be simple for them and when you have a calm time to make a great meal, go for it. I personally have found that a good way to eat tasty food without much effort is by marinating them with spices and herbs as well as using the oven to cook them. Advises to this tip are on our chef at home section, do not miss it.

Bed Time, we go to bed at 8pm, get pijamas, read story, sing and them sleep, I forgot to say that lately my oldest daughter likes watching cartoons, so I stick to the healthy ones like: Pepa pig, Holly and Ben’s Kingdom, Humf, Pocoyo and a few other, thus she has choices. Be aware that there is going to be a time when they do not want to go to sleep, I just let her know when it is the last cartoon to then close the eyes and sleep.

Activities, I do at least two activities during the day and the days that we go out only one. It is very important to spend some times outside socializing with other kids, so take advantage of all free events and activities and be aware of the schedules in the children centres around your area, they have some very nice sessions of music and creativity.

Do not get worry if you do not follow a specific schedule and take two days off to do whatever you wish, just stick to the meal times. Also, be soft with yourself, if you want to skip one washing up, do so, and have some pizzas in the freezer for those lazy days.

Anything that you want to add??

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8 thoughts on “Kids’ Routines

    • Hi Leone, Thank you for your comment, we are building up the blog that is why you could not see the facebook fan page, but now is done. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to give some advises. Many thanks and love. Mariale

  1. Heya, I just hopped over to your site thru StumbleUpon. Not somthing I might normally read, but I enjoyed your thoughts none the less. Thank you for making some thing well worth reading.

  2. Hi Mary and Will

    Rigth now I have problems with bed time, as you now I have 2 babies, 2 years and 1 year old; not easy job and full of routines, but lately my oldest daughter doesn´t want to sleep in her bed, I try to read stories from a book, but she wants to read it, if I tell the story without book, she starts to talk and doesn´t sleep, whit the T.V. she watches just 3 programs, when I sing mostly she falls sleep, but sometimes doesn´t. Please some advice…

    • Hi Desiree,

      I am exactly in the same stage and I will be writing soon about this topic. I will post it to you very soon. Keep going with the routine, they will grow out of this.
      Take care

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