Have you stopped to think about your well being for a minute? Do you know what well being means? By definition this is what it means

“well-being – a contented state of being happy and healthy and prosperous.”

What an amazing word!!!!, we should all work towards this goal and give ourselves the opportunity to have well being, the question is how, what it works for me may not work for you, but here are little tips to this well being path.

Breath, breathing gives us clarity, whenever you feel stress, sad, desperate, overwhelmed, give a 5 minutes conscious breathing to yourself and if you want to give a proper boost to your life, you can practice breathing exercises and meditation, there are many techniques around that will guide you and you can try them to see which one suits you the best. I personally use Jon Kabat-Zinn cd, it has very nice body scan and mindfulness breathing exercises, this guy has a very nice voice and the body scan is not too long. You may fall sleep though, but keep trying!!!.

Believe, this is a very delicate point, it could be either believe in a religion or in something that do good to yourself and the whole world, something that keep up your faith in yourself and the surrounding world. Personally, I practice Nichiren Buddhism and lately it has come into my way a Hawaiian forgiveness technique called Ho’ oponopono ( mum’s recommendation), again it has worked for me, but not necessarily for you.

Read, reading will open your horizon, whatever you like reading, have fun with it. I also enjoy reading holistic and spiritual books, these ones have helped me to change my point of view about certain things in life, so here I give you a list: The alchemist and Brida(Paolo Cohelo), the Celestine Prophecy (James Redfield), A new Earth and the Power of Now (Tolle Eckhart), The easiest way to live (Mabel Katz), The four agreements ( Don Miguel Ruiz).

Enjoy, whatever you are doing be there, feel it, live it.

Listen to your body, my brother open my eyes with this point, allow your body to tell you what it needs, if you feel like resting, do so. We do not realize with our busy lives that sometimes we need to stop, have a break to re energise our bodies and minds, do not feel guilty, be conscious.

Spend some times with little people, children take us back to our childhood and creativity flourishes again if we spend some times playing with them.

Draw your dreams, literally take a pen and put down your wishes on a board or on a paper, whatever you prefer just do it. This is something that was very difficult for me to do and it can be harder if you feel distracted or overwhelmed, I used to do a board with pictures which idea was taken from The Secret, then I stopped doing it, and recently I was convinced by my husband and brother to do it again, this time I used a notebook and I wrote down instead of using pics.

Change your world sometimes, it is not only refreshing but also do well for your brain when we change the position of the things in our different rooms at home or simply change our route to work.

In addition to all these tips, love yourself and pay attention to key people in your path, some people open our eyes to things are already there, but we can be so worry that we do not realise they are there.

Everything I have written are experiences, theory and techniques are already written, you may find something that suits you better, so do not hesitate in doing some search and live your own way.

Thank you and love.

By Mariale

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