Beauty and The Beast

It is not that I am so in loved with the Disney kind of movie, but this title resembles the topic that I want to touch. I saw a post the other day in facebook that promotes all those ladies with great curves and I thought to myself what it is wrong with this earth.

Beauty is always attached to a stereotype created by someone outside there, it could be a clothing designer, a soup opera, guys or women trying to be perfect, society and so on, but let’s be realistic, we are all different to each other even identical twins have a difference between them. So here is when I say diversity is great, accept your body as it is and know yourself enough to discover which is that part of you that you like the most.

This section will be all about being yourself in a healthy way, why, because you can see  people around who complexion is quite built wishing to be very slim or those who are by nature quite slim wishing to be curvy, and this repeats in everything, colour of skin, hair and so on.

So let’s start with, to look good, we have to be happy and to be happy, we need to balance food and exercise, of course with a bit of fun time, hobby or whatever you want to call it. When I said look good I do not relate it to being beautiful according to your neighbour I do think it has to be according to your complexion, thus we have to leave aside the stereotype thing and find out what you want from yourself and what you can do to improve those things that you dislike from yourself.

Here I am going to give you some tips in nutrition and yoga to help you boost that inner and valuable person you are and I am going to mention some readings to support you on your way to it.

Thank you and love.


One thought on “Beauty and The Beast

  1. that´s so true

    I´m not a miss, but I considered myself as a beautiful woman. I do a lot of Exercise with my two babies, play, run, jump, dance, even I done things that I have not do it since I was a kid.

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