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Apart from being a full time chef I am a DIY kind of guy and when I have some time off and the weather permits it I try to look for ways to improve our home. There could be emotional improvements  ( how do I feel about something on the house) or physical ( how things are physically on the house)

I have always said that if you want to change your life you need to start first from your home or your space, take little steps and one by one, remember one small step can change your life. I will suggest to start on your room or your office, do a good clean up, change the way you organize things around or simple move the bed or the desk to a different position. This will already change your state of mind and will help you to visualize what else in life you want to change.

As well remember to keep in mind that changes are good as soon as you visualized them and understand that they are needed. You need to DO the changes and not the circumstances or the people around you.

I do general changes at home from time to time or when I feel that my life is not going on the right direction and I need to re evaluate what I am doing. I start the change at home,  I normally start cleaning up completely a place in the house and do changes there, move the whole furniture or the paintings on the wall or try to repair something that need repairing, it could be to paint a wall that have been damaged or a chair that is broken and you have been leaving on a corner for later (the way that you want to clean or organize your life or repair something that need repairing on your life), or as well if you feel that what you need is creating or improving something on your life why not try to create or build something at home.

In this page I will put my suggestions on any DIY jobs that could help you to improve your house or just give you ideas on what could improve your home or your state of mind and help you find your internal fortune from home.

By Willchef

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