Disclosure Policy

As we mentioned already in the About Us section, this is a blog created to share our life experiences and we ensure  that all information disclose in this site comes from our minds in exception for those products, methods and techniques we recommend in which case we address you to other web sites by using links.

Copyright, if you would like to get something from our blog whether it is a picture or text, you can email us by the web and obtain a written permission.

Products, the products recommended in this blog are products that have been tried by us, so we are giving you a honest recommendation and if it is anything we believe it is wrong we will inform you so.

Once again, this blog is sharing a little bit of our lives, so all we say is our opinion and our viewpoint of situations in life and products we have used. Thus, it is the reader decision whether or not apply any recommendation we suggest.


One thought on “Disclosure Policy

  1. Me parece interesante porque hay situaciones en la vida en la que creemos estar solos. Compartir experiencias nos ayuda a saber si las decisiones tomadas son las correctas y si abrimos un poco nuestros sentidos hacia una mayor perspectiva nos podemos encaminar en direcciones acertadas, y es posible que ayudemos a otros a resolver situaciones que podrian verse como complicadas. Acerca de los productos no he tenido la oportunidad de usarlos pero estan pendientes .

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