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I am sure that you all imagine that because I am a chef I eat pate of Foie Gras, caviar and Tournedos Rossini at home, but let me tell you something, as a chef we spent most of the time at work talking about food, cooking or designing dishes with different food products and when we come home what we all like is a bit of comfort food.

Now, like if is not enough to be working from 9 to 17 hours a day, when you come home late at night from work or when the kids wake you early as they want to spent time with you, the last thing that cross your mind is a recipe book or a fantastic dish you normally open the fridge and said “what can I do with what I got on the fridge?”

Well, to make things more interesting, picture all this and imagine that as a chef you still want to spent some productive time to cook something for your kids or want to show them a dish that you love, you work the long hours, you still wake up early and when is time for food you cook for a good couple of hours (chef hours) then, when you place the food in front of your kids they do not not eat it, or like it or prefer something that for you is too simple. How will you feel after this? .

In this page we are not going to be talking about the great techniques or the nice new products or presentations of the dishes. This page will be developed in conjunction with my wife to make sure that we help you to develop good dishes for you and your family but using the most basics or practical techniques.

As my wife mentioned in the kid’s routine this section is created to give you some easy ideas to prepare nice, yummy and quick meals at home (busy mummies)..

by Willchef & Marialegs

Recipes Index

* Arroz con leche/ Rice pudding

* Basic French Meringue

* The Secret of Spices and Herbs

* Milk Cake/ Torta Tres Leches

* Roast chicken


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