Christmas with Gratitude

Thanksgiving is today and I have been reading in my favourite blogs how we can teach our little ones to be thankful for what we have and experience in our life. One of the things I have seen recommended is to draw a tree and when placing the leaves of the tree write in every leaf whatever we feel thankful for, I find this activity very enriching, so I have ended up deciding to decorate our Christmas tree with gratitude, using words on labels or objects to represent what we are thankful for.

In order to know a little bit more of the thanksgiving tradition, here is a little explanation from wikipedia:

Prayers of thanks and special thanksgiving ceremonies are common among almost all religions after harvests and at other times.[1] It has been proposed that Thanksgiving may be able to trace its earliest recorded origins to the ancient Mesopotamian harvest festival of Akitu.[2] The Thanksgiving holiday’s history in North America is rooted in English traditions dating from the Protestant Reformation. It also has aspects of a harvest festival, even though the harvest in New England occurs well before the late-November date on which the modern Thanksgiving holiday is celebrated.

And so I think that being thankful should be a value that we practice everyday of our life apart from being celebrated every November and transfered to our little ones at every moment.


Thanks and Love





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