In this home not everything is rose

I always remember when I used to believe that my parents were perfect, that kind of perfection that does not exist, there is no problem of any kind( I was about 5 years old). However, when time passed I realised that, that perfection it is not what I believed.

It is possible to find any type of problems in a family, emotional, economical, for lack of time to share, for broken relationships, everything is possible. But what we are doing to keep up the love is what counts.

There has been ups and down like in life, it is part of a cycle. To make the cycle vibrate in a higher level or in a more harmonious  way, we have grown the plant(our relationship) with respect, with respect that means not only to respect each other point of view but also to know how to respect ourselves without attacking each other, and I promise it is hard, but there is nothing more interesting than having different opinions about something, makes us use our brains, re evaluate our words and sometimes even agree with each other.

Like in life, everything in a family is respect, negotiation, tones of love and patient..

Remember that every rose comes with thorns.


Happy mother’s day!! 🙂

Thank you and Love


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