Resolutions one more time

Being a full time mum, having in mind a lot of things to do but feeling like where is the time for it, it has just come to my mind again: well being, unique talent, happiness, family, resolutions, progress, learning which make me start to do my wish board or better call it this time my must  do board.

I came up with the new name for the wish board thanks to an American guy called Anthony Robbins and his new happy new year video, New year new life, recommended by my brother in law. The guy started talking in the video and by 5mins he had said so much that I fall in love, not with him even though he is a good looking guy, but with his impeccable words and his driven forward energy.

He dedicated this video to give us some tips to leave behind all this new year resolutions philosophy and start fresh and new from now the present moment, so here is a little bit of what he said

– Make your resolutions a must not a should, think in something that really pull you forward and give you the strength to give it time to do it.

– Think about the  rituals you need to do daily or weekly to make that thing that you wish so much happens. Spend more time with your kids or perhaps make your relationship with your partner more special.

– Raise your standards, do not limit yourself to I just want to pay the bills, think bigger.

Thus, I ended up my day yesterday having my must do board packed with all I want, I have been having in my mind for such a long time, so here is how it looks to start

And this is how our must do board looks now

Here are some books you can read to bring to yourself some inspiration as well as the link to the video, New year new life

One thing I get out of all these is to always find the way back to what give you colour, flavour and passion in life.

Thank you and love.





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