On a quest to my unique family traditions

I am on a quest to find my unique family tradition. After living 24 years in a family  where Christmas and new years were celebrated with great reunions and pleasure, where we celebrated not only the day but also the bliss of having such a wonderful family with great grannies, grannies and parents always honored and respected.

There, they were, always making our lives, the lives of the little ones more fun with a magical Christmas night, full of taste, colours, music and “parranda” (a group of people playing traditional Christmas songs door by door in a little town). “Parranda” celebrating the arrival of a baby born thousands years before but yet celebrated with excitement, excitement that led us to a more magical morning full of presents, for some brought by Santa but for us brought by Jesus baby.

Here I am with 8 years already added to those 24, searching for my own unique family traditions and so far away from the ones who created it mine so special at the same time.

The distance is inviting us to try different cultural traditions which is very enriching, but there is something that will be always clear in my heart, I wish to transcend all the magic to my children, all that taste, union, celebration and “parranda”  in a “Zaguan” ( Zaguan is a quite big space between the two entrance doors of the old style houses in the little towns of Venezuela, this style can be found in Spain too), all of that I want them to try.

So here I am creating and recreating special moments with the motivation of my “lindo” (handsome) hubby who decided to joined me in this brand new mission with our amazing children. The question is how to give them the taste of a “Parranda” in a “Zaguan”.

I will never forget that Zaguan and I think we will have Christmas carols instead until we can get our children to try that style of reunion 🙂

Thank you and Love


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