Preparing for Brazil 2016


Hi all

We are already preparing for the next Olympic Games. If you do not know,  there will be a new series of sport on “Brazil 2016” specially design for the young ones, and we have decided to start training our ones

One of those new challenge is the “Step on the chair”, this sport requires a lot of training and motivation. Let’s see one of our students practicing to show you the way to do it

1st you need to be able to put one foot on the chair without losing the balance

2nd stand up without stop looking at the camera, really important!

Remember when practicing any sports that the motivation is another important thing to remember!

Another sport that have been added top in the Olympic Games is the “Fruit Carrying”. You need to be able to mimic your partner while carrying your fruit loads

And of course you will have the traditional “Scooter competition”. Here you can see the master training the new student on this amazing sport

As well there will be some qualifications for “Painting“, where not only the painting itself will be reviewed but the technique as well

Well now we just need to keep practicing and we will be ready for the games.

Brazil 2016

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