Roast Chicken

This idea of roasting chicken came out of good memories when one of my aunties (Otilia) used to prepare a delicious chicken in orange sauce. I was always thinking I would like to make a chicken like this until one day I decided to search by internet some recipes, I found one that really drew my attention and I have been adapting up to my taste, so now I prepare it even with lemon and lime as well as different spices.

Here we go, I am going to show you with detail how to make the one in an orange sauce and then give some different ideas for the marinated part, so you could make the roast chicken you like the most.

Chicken in orange sauce


A tray of 6 to 8 chicken thighs

4 oranges and two cups of 100% fresh squeezed orange juice from supermarket.

2 tea spoons of fennel seeds

2 tea spoons of mustard

1 tea spoon of salt

3 table spoons of honey

4 cloves of garlic


– Place the chicken thighs in a deep container to make sure that they sink in the orange juice.

– Squeeze the 4 oranges and add the two cups of orange juice.

– Add the fennel seeds, mustard, salt, honey.

– Chop the garlic and add it to the mix.

– Leave the chicken in the container with the mix for 20min to one hour, if you have the time.

– Then put everything in a baking tray.

– Pre heat the oven to 160*C for about 10min and then place the tray with the chicken in the oven.

– To cook the chicken is about an hour, make sure that when the chicken thighs look roasted on one side you flip it over to roast the other sides.

I have made this roast chicken in orange sauce adding 2 tea spoons of curry powder and also replacing the fennel seeds by Rosemary ( I discover my little daughter does not like much the fennel seeds, so to make it nice for her I replace it sometimes).

All these steps mentioned above you can also try them with different ingredients.

Chicken in a lemon sauce                        Chicken in a soy sauce

3 limes and 4 lemons                                Soy sauce

3 tea spoons Herbs de provence              2 tea spoons of rosemary

1 tea spoon of rosemary                           1 tea spoon of salt

2 tea spoons of salt                                   3 table spoons of honey

1 table spoon of Spicy smoke paprike

Sometimes for the Chicken in lemon sauce, instead of using paprike I have added spicy pepper seeds as well as some curry powder. Amazing the different ways the chicken can be prepared, I will soon try with ginger and lemon grass.

Get creative, take your herbs and spices out and try your own way.

I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you and love 🙂




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