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Since we move to our house, early 2010, we have been working on making  improvements in all areas that it have been possible. One of the first things that we had to do in the House was to change the Boiler as it burns down one night after a month from moving to the new house (early winter).

When we replace the boiler for a new model we have to change the actual place of the boiler.Initially it was situated in what it use to be the chimney in the kitchen area, and the new boiler is on one of the kitchen walls. When the installation was done we realised that we had an empty area in the kitchen which I wanted to make useful.

Then the idea of the wine cellar came. Why not to use this space to keep our wines and drinks?, and that was it. I worked on the inside walls of what it was going to be the cellar and start looking for what I could use to make the cellar itself.

The space of the old boilerThere are many ways to do this, you could use plastic pipes, old wine boxes, hollow bricks, terracotta  wine brinks or you could make your own with wood. On this occasion I was lucky enough to find a wine rack almost exactly of the size of the area I wanted to cover, and voila!!! done!!!

Now I have an excellent place where I can not only keep my wines and drinks at the perfect temperature and without using any more space in the kitchen area, but also keep the bottles away from the kids.

As you can see there is always a way to make any space useful. you just need a bit of imagination and time, my mother collaborate with one of her paintings and a candle set make it the central place in the kitchen area

Wine cellar decoration

By Willchef



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