Why being a British citizen is an honor?

Lately, I have been thinking about all the great things I lived when I was in London. And one of the most significant thing was to have had the opportunity to be part of their community.


Here are some other things that I will always remember from that grey and cold country but rich in many ways.

  1. The English humor. I really missed that sarcastic way of making jokes. If you don’t know them, you never would know if they mean what they say or not.
  2. Being polite. They know how to be polite even in cases when they don’t like the person they are talking to. This is something to admire and a great habit to learn from. Not taking for granted saying thank you and please is beautiful.
  3. The way summer brings so much joy to them. You can see them smiling more and heading to the pub to get pissed but this time with friends.
  4. Their political system and how structure they are. Everything has policies and these ones rule quite well all the parties. If something is going the wrong way, sure there is a procedure to amend it.
  5. Very centered people. Most of them are not very emotional, maybe because of the weather. But they know how to control their emotional horses, leaving behind so much drama.
  6. The beauty of the country. I love the way they are clean and they have respect for preserving their buildings’ structures. They evolve respecting traditions and symbolism. Having the chance to see the Parliament, The Tower of London, St Paul Cathedral, The Victoria and Albert Museum, Buckingham Palace, and I could keep going naming many more.This is definitely a sing of love for their heritage.

So for all these and much more, I thank UK and specially London for making me feel is my second home. A place where I would love to go back and continue with my life.

Thank you and Love


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