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In spanish we say, what it is promised is owed. I started saying this phrase because around September last year I promised I was going to write about sleeping time which at that moment I could not do so since I was having a quite tough time with my babies. Could you imagine 4 sleeping in a bed? There were times that I wanted to scream of tireness, but here we are after 4 months in a different stage. πŸ™‚

I even read a book to get some tips to get them to sleep the whole night in their cots, and now I notice that there are a few things I belive help them to sleep through the nigth. One of them is to change cots for normal beds or use the cot taking the sides off and place it in the lowest level just for safety. This works with my first child very well, she used to sleep until 6 or 7 am without any problem, and if she woke up before I could stay next to her to reasure her and she would not complain and fell straight back to sleep. I could not do this with my second child because we were using a travel cot for him, so as soon he woke up, he started crying and the only way to make him sleep again was taking him to my bed, hard time!!, this was the way we ended up 4 in a bed.

Recently we decided to get a bunk bed, and taraaa, my little boy is sleeping whole night, and my daughter is being a little bit cheeky going to my bed after mid night, this is another story. Another thing we do when we get them to sleep is to stay with them in bed reading stories and singing, great way to make them sleep straight away, it needs our attention and time though, I know not every parent wants to stay with their children until they fall sleep, but I promise you, it is a great time.

As you can see I am not friend of the crying method, I could not find myself letting them cry not even for 5min, I feel distress, so I ended up following my heart and spending some calming time with them to go to sleep. Eventually, they will go to their bed by themselves.

Last but not least important, physical activities during the day is a great idea to make them spend some of that full energy they usually have, then they go to sleep without any excuses. The books I have read to help me on this matter are:

I hope these advices are usefull for some parents. What other things have you tried?? πŸ™‚

Thank you and Love




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