Family time

Hi all

There are important things in life that require our full attention and need us to disconnect completely from our day to day activities and that is exactly what holidays are for.

In our modern world, sometimes we forget that life goes on without us moving around like ants making sure that something is being done or by watching the time every five minutes to make sure that we know what is happening somewhere in the world.

When we are young we enjoy the life to plenitude and we are easily impressed, that is why we spend most of the time happily living and enjoying our life with as little worries as possible but when we grow older and we join the adult world we forget the excitement of the young ones. Until we have kids and we see them enjoying themselves with the most simple things, at that moment is when we go back to our young-selves and we reconsider our way of living.

Now, holidays are for us to enjoy the life as it should be and to get a balance in our crazy life. Be yourselves, make sure that you see things that are not just in front of your eyes and use the eyes of the young ones.

Give those first steps to that world forgotten by your old self and enjoy the happiness of being around your love ones, and with them just move from your safe ground to the unknown of the life.To make sure that you can achieve it remember to become part of the spectators and understand the world that you were into when you were a kid.

Fell into the dreams, first on your bed when you sleep (and sleep a lot) and later in your mind, use your imagination every second of the day and forget what you are and become what you want to be in that dream

Being a Panda or a Lion is up to you,  as soon as you are able to dream it.

Make sure that you can see beyond the bubble that encircle your world and submerge into the sea of the possibilities.  When you achieve all that, you will be ready to see with the eyes of the young ones and them you will be able to see what is in front of you but not at plain sight.

That should be your family time!!! Hope that you all enjoy your summer holidays as we did.

Be free. Open your eyes. Become a Kid!




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