The greatest moment ever in life

We as women have the great gift of giving birth and the ability to grow with warmth and love from the very beginning a little person in our womb, great experience indeed!!!. My experiences were similar but not the same in certain moments during the delivery, I really enjoyed my two pregnancies and when it came to giving birth I was mentally prepared to do so in a natural way.

My first baby took me so long, I had contractions for three days ( they were not strong enough so I could cope with the pain), until finally the third day in the morning I got in to labor, I was dreaming with a home delivery in a pool which was the funniest part ever because my hubby kept setting up the pool, filling up and emptying it through the three days and in the end that morning he was so knackered  that I went up to wake him up. That day we headed off to the hospital since my little lady did poo inside and they had to monitor the progress.

It was a long day, I started the labor at 6am and gave birth to a healthy baby at 7:20pm, a bit long I know, I could not feel all the process naturally because they were helping me to accelerate the dilation with oxcitocine and I was so tired that I ended up asking for epidural, but anyway the big moment came when I had to push and I did not know whether to focus only on pushing or laughing because I had a bunch of lovely people supporting me, one of them was my hubby, at the beginning also my mom and later on, all the doctors. Can you imagine? push push push!!, hehehe, and then all of them looking at my most intimate parts until the delivery doctor said she is here, took her and put her in my abdomen. Happiness of success for bringing a baby safe and sound to this world.

My second baby was more relaxing, I started feeling contraction around 4pm on a Saturday and he decided to come into this world the day after around 7:30pm. In this occasion I was determined to give birth in the hospital, so I arrived to the hospital around 4 am in the morning and I was almost in established labor which made me feel so release, still when they passed me to the waiting pre birth rooms, I kept chasing the midwife in charge to make her check on my progress, but she kept saying you are not ready yet, so I told her, then give gas.

Great decision for me because once I had the gas everything was turning into pink, even my hubby and I were making jokes out of silly things, he actually said I think I will take some gas home for the hard time to relax, hehehe. Finally around 4 pm the midwife decided that it was time to check on me, realising that I was already 7 cm dilated, amazing!!, work in progress :). I could feel all the changes in my body and how the contraction came closer.

I only had time to walk and stop having a contraction every 5 and 3 minutes until I arrived to the delivery room, there she was a strong midwife waiting for me, and with no time me saying I want to pushhh. All this time my hubby trying to guess what he should do and feeling uncertain on which way to treat me. The feeling of the push was like a reflection of the body (exactly how my mom describes it, like a sneeze and an urge feeling of going to the toilet), there it was I finally met that feeling and lived it, but for some reason again my baby position was back to back and it was difficult to get it out, so I had some help and taraaa baby on my arms crying, safe and sound, everyone in the room giving me that great smile of, a little person has just arrived!! :).


In both births my hubby was my strongest support, there he was in the most difficult moments, saying you can do it, loving me and embracing me with his glance and the warmth of his kiss and rub on my face, everything is going to be ok, his glance expressed it to my glance in every moment, and then hugging with his arms our little babies, babies made with love :).

Thank you and love



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