The Secret of Spices and Herbs

I guess this topic will be better in my hubby’s hand, but for some reason I want to write about it. Spices and herbs have been around all my life, I come from a family where every single woman likes cooking, great grand ma, grand ma, mum and aunties, actually even the ones that we borrowed from other families that we also call aunties! they know how to cook too. Cooking is one of the greatest way to share our family culture and with this spices and herbs come into place.

I am always trying to understand what combines the best with certain food, and lately I have realised that spices and herbs are a good help to give a boost to the taste of our dishes in a very easy way, it is like if I already know it but it is now when the knowledge is awakening inside me. Sometimes, we have to know that some herbs are put right in the end but some others from the beginning of the preparation.

So here I would like to recommend you a free encyclopedia that describes herbs and spices as well as gives some tips on how to use them, Spices & Herbs/ Culinary Cafe, and also I would like to give you the name of a book that gives some suggestions on how to combine flavors ( great gift from my hubby, he is reading my mind lately), The flavour Thesaurus, very practical and easy to use.

One great thing about herbs is that you can have them fresh or dry, so even if you do not have a garden you can plant some of them in a pot indoors and they grow beautifully, thus you have them at the reach of your hand whenever you wish to use them.

Just to finish, after having all those lovely ladies surrounding me with great food I ended up marrying a great chef. I always say Life is grand 😉

Thank you and Love



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