Christmas with Gratitude

Thanksgiving is today and I have been reading in my favourite blogs how we can teach our little ones to be thankful for what we have and experience in our life. One of the things I have seen recommended is to draw a tree and when placing the leaves of the tree write in every leaf whatever we feel thankful for, I find this activity very enriching, so I have ended up deciding to decorate our Christmas tree with gratitude, using words on labels or objects to represent what we are thankful for.

In order to know a little bit more of the thanksgiving tradition, here is a little explanation from wikipedia:

Prayers of thanks and special thanksgiving ceremonies are common among almost all religions after harvests and at other times.[1] It has been proposed that Thanksgiving may be able to trace its earliest recorded origins to the ancient Mesopotamian harvest festival of Akitu.[2] The Thanksgiving holiday’s history in North America is rooted in English traditions dating from the Protestant Reformation. It also has aspects of a harvest festival, even though the harvest in New England occurs well before the late-November date on which the modern Thanksgiving holiday is celebrated.

And so I think that being thankful should be a value that we practice everyday of our life apart from being celebrated every November and transfered to our little ones at every moment.


Thanks and Love





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Every Spring a gift

I want to share a gift with you

a gift that comes every Spring with love

natural love that Spring brings, to remind us that

if we do we exist, but there are things that only need one seed

to see them flourish again and again in our cycles of life

cycles that come with ups and downs

and that is once more, because the nature plays around

so here they are the tulips that comes every spring  for you.

554578_10151661317666756_321743412_nThank you and love


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Sleeping Time


In spanish we say, what it is promised is owed. I started saying this phrase because around September last year I promised I was going to write about sleeping time which at that moment I could not do so since I was having a quite tough time with my babies. Could you imagine 4 sleeping in a bed? There were times that I wanted to scream of tireness, but here we are after 4 months in a different stage. 🙂

I even read a book to get some tips to get them to sleep the whole night in their cots, and now I notice that there are a few things I belive help them to sleep through the nigth. One of them is to change cots for normal beds or use the cot taking the sides off and place it in the lowest level just for safety. This works with my first child very well, she used to sleep until 6 or 7 am without any problem, and if she woke up before I could stay next to her to reasure her and she would not complain and fell straight back to sleep. I could not do this with my second child because we were using a travel cot for him, so as soon he woke up, he started crying and the only way to make him sleep again was taking him to my bed, hard time!!, this was the way we ended up 4 in a bed.

Recently we decided to get a bunk bed, and taraaa, my little boy is sleeping whole night, and my daughter is being a little bit cheeky going to my bed after mid night, this is another story. Another thing we do when we get them to sleep is to stay with them in bed reading stories and singing, great way to make them sleep straight away, it needs our attention and time though, I know not every parent wants to stay with their children until they fall sleep, but I promise you, it is a great time.

As you can see I am not friend of the crying method, I could not find myself letting them cry not even for 5min, I feel distress, so I ended up following my heart and spending some calming time with them to go to sleep. Eventually, they will go to their bed by themselves.

Last but not least important, physical activities during the day is a great idea to make them spend some of that full energy they usually have, then they go to sleep without any excuses. The books I have read to help me on this matter are:

I hope these advices are usefull for some parents. What other things have you tried?? 🙂

Thank you and Love




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In this home not everything is rose

I always remember when I used to believe that my parents were perfect, that kind of perfection that does not exist, there is no problem of any kind( I was about 5 years old). However, when time passed I realised that, that perfection it is not what I believed.

It is possible to find any type of problems in a family, emotional, economical, for lack of time to share, for broken relationships, everything is possible. But what we are doing to keep up the love is what counts.

There has been ups and down like in life, it is part of a cycle. To make the cycle vibrate in a higher level or in a more harmonious  way, we have grown the plant(our relationship) with respect, with respect that means not only to respect each other point of view but also to know how to respect ourselves without attacking each other, and I promise it is hard, but there is nothing more interesting than having different opinions about something, makes us use our brains, re evaluate our words and sometimes even agree with each other.

Like in life, everything in a family is respect, negotiation, tones of love and patient..

Remember that every rose comes with thorns.


Happy mother’s day!! 🙂

Thank you and Love


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Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone came to me through facebook in an amazing video that I could not find in english but it is also drawn which I think can help everyone understand it in any language. Click here Comfort Zone  to see the video.
The name comfort for me was a bit disturbing, so I started reading more about it and I watched the video a few more times. By watching the video I realised that being in the comfort zone is not something bad, it is just your routines and day to day life, this part rung a bell to me because when we are mums it is quite difficult to get out of this space. Having said that the video explains how to get out of this space, it clearly says by, learning something new, new experiences, traveling and so on, which then finishes by saying that doing any of these things will expand your comfort zone not get rid of it.
Another thing that makes me think about the name was that comfort means good feelings, ease, thus I found another good work about the comfort zone by Charles Burke where he says:
“But here’s a shocking idea: nobody moves because they’re comfortable. And nobody
— NOBODY — moves out of a REAL comfort zone.
Just look around you. Isn’t it true? Most people only move when they’ve become so
uncomfortable they can’t stand the same old spot any longer.
When your “comfort” zone is that uncomfortable, how accurate is the description?
Maybe it’d make more sense to call it a “Familiar Zone.””scan0002
Another word that comes to my mind by reading all of these is conformist which is by definition, “A person who uncritically or habitually conforms to the customs, rules, or styles of a group.” I think this type of person are the ones who can stay without making any difference in life apart from all of us who feel emotions like fear that sometimes if we do not know how to manage it, it could make us be stuck and without energy to go for our dreams.
Here is the meaning of comfort zone, The comfort zone is a behavioural state within which a person operates in an anxiety-neutral condition, using a limited set of behaviours to deliver a steady level of performance, usually without a sense of risk (White 2009, From Comfort Zone to Performance Management).
So after all, I think the key is to take the risk to follow our dreams and expand our comfort zone through looking within ourselves. This is another thing I took from Charles Burke
“Some sage or other once said, “If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him.”
He’s not inciting us to commit murder. He’s telling us to stop looking for the truth in
somebody else. Real meaning – we must kill that urge within ourselves that looks to
others for power. We must realize that all power is within ourselves.”
Give these some thoughts and then let me know how you will expand your comfort zone.
I have just found the video in english, so click in this one Comfort zone. Remember this video is something I found and I want to share with you, the company that made it is called Inknwoation.
Thank you and Love
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Resolutions one more time

Being a full time mum, having in mind a lot of things to do but feeling like where is the time for it, it has just come to my mind again: well being, unique talent, happiness, family, resolutions, progress, learning which make me start to do my wish board or better call it this time my must  do board.

I came up with the new name for the wish board thanks to an American guy called Anthony Robbins and his new happy new year video, New year new life, recommended by my brother in law. The guy started talking in the video and by 5mins he had said so much that I fall in love, not with him even though he is a good looking guy, but with his impeccable words and his driven forward energy.

He dedicated this video to give us some tips to leave behind all this new year resolutions philosophy and start fresh and new from now the present moment, so here is a little bit of what he said

– Make your resolutions a must not a should, think in something that really pull you forward and give you the strength to give it time to do it.

– Think about the  rituals you need to do daily or weekly to make that thing that you wish so much happens. Spend more time with your kids or perhaps make your relationship with your partner more special.

– Raise your standards, do not limit yourself to I just want to pay the bills, think bigger.

Thus, I ended up my day yesterday having my must do board packed with all I want, I have been having in my mind for such a long time, so here is how it looks to start

And this is how our must do board looks now

Here are some books you can read to bring to yourself some inspiration as well as the link to the video, New year new life

One thing I get out of all these is to always find the way back to what give you colour, flavour and passion in life.

Thank you and love.





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On a quest to my unique family traditions

I am on a quest to find my unique family tradition. After living 24 years in a family  where Christmas and new years were celebrated with great reunions and pleasure, where we celebrated not only the day but also the bliss of having such a wonderful family with great grannies, grannies and parents always honored and respected.

There, they were, always making our lives, the lives of the little ones more fun with a magical Christmas night, full of taste, colours, music and “parranda” (a group of people playing traditional Christmas songs door by door in a little town). “Parranda” celebrating the arrival of a baby born thousands years before but yet celebrated with excitement, excitement that led us to a more magical morning full of presents, for some brought by Santa but for us brought by Jesus baby.

Here I am with 8 years already added to those 24, searching for my own unique family traditions and so far away from the ones who created it mine so special at the same time.

The distance is inviting us to try different cultural traditions which is very enriching, but there is something that will be always clear in my heart, I wish to transcend all the magic to my children, all that taste, union, celebration and “parranda”  in a “Zaguan” ( Zaguan is a quite big space between the two entrance doors of the old style houses in the little towns of Venezuela, this style can be found in Spain too), all of that I want them to try.

So here I am creating and recreating special moments with the motivation of my “lindo” (handsome) hubby who decided to joined me in this brand new mission with our amazing children. The question is how to give them the taste of a “Parranda” in a “Zaguan”.

I will never forget that Zaguan and I think we will have Christmas carols instead until we can get our children to try that style of reunion 🙂

Thank you and Love


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Have you ever touch a dream?

Hi all.

Have you ever touch a dream? do you imagine how could it feel to be so closed to what you want?

Sometimes in life we lost the track and we see them pass next to us without being able to grab them or just too late to see them.

But some times if you are patient enough and your heart guide you,  you understand that those dreams have a soul and when you connect with that soul

You see things on a different way and you get closer to what you want

And in that moment you have it so close at hand that you just need to reach out and touch it.

Believe in your dreams, follow them closely and do not loose track because they could be closer than what you think.

Remember that your soul will guide you but when the time comes reach for it.

Hugs. Will

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Preparing for Brazil 2016


Hi all

We are already preparing for the next Olympic Games. If you do not know,  there will be a new series of sport on “Brazil 2016” specially design for the young ones, and we have decided to start training our ones

One of those new challenge is the “Step on the chair”, this sport requires a lot of training and motivation. Let’s see one of our students practicing to show you the way to do it

1st you need to be able to put one foot on the chair without losing the balance

2nd stand up without stop looking at the camera, really important!

Remember when practicing any sports that the motivation is another important thing to remember!

Another sport that have been added top in the Olympic Games is the “Fruit Carrying”. You need to be able to mimic your partner while carrying your fruit loads

And of course you will have the traditional “Scooter competition”. Here you can see the master training the new student on this amazing sport

As well there will be some qualifications for “Painting“, where not only the painting itself will be reviewed but the technique as well

Well now we just need to keep practicing and we will be ready for the games.

Brazil 2016

September the month of a new start

Here it comes September with a lower sun, still the trees are dressed and you can see the colours of flowers already bloomed. Temperatures are dropping, but yet you can not feel the cold of the winter nor the heat of the summer left behind. It is definitely a month of transition, transition because nature rules it, transition because old cycles are closing to open new ones with a fresh air, that air that we all need to start again.

September the month of a new start…

Thank you and love


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