The greatest moment ever in life

We as women have the great gift of giving birth and the ability to grow with warmth and love from the very beginning a little person in our womb, great experience indeed!!!. My experiences were similar but not the same in certain moments during the delivery, I really enjoyed my two pregnancies and when it came to giving birth I was mentally prepared to do so in a natural way.

My first baby took me so long, I had contractions for three days ( they were not strong enough so I could cope with the pain), until finally the third day in the morning I got in to labor, I was dreaming with a home delivery in a pool which was the funniest part ever because my hubby kept setting up the pool, filling up and emptying it through the three days and in the end that morning he was so knackered  that I went up to wake him up. That day we headed off to the hospital since my little lady did poo inside and they had to monitor the progress.

It was a long day, I started the labor at 6am and gave birth to a healthy baby at 7:20pm, a bit long I know, I could not feel all the process naturally because they were helping me to accelerate the dilation with oxcitocine and I was so tired that I ended up asking for epidural, but anyway the big moment came when I had to push and I did not know whether to focus only on pushing or laughing because I had a bunch of lovely people supporting me, one of them was my hubby, at the beginning also my mom and later on, all the doctors. Can you imagine? push push push!!, hehehe, and then all of them looking at my most intimate parts until the delivery doctor said she is here, took her and put her in my abdomen. Happiness of success for bringing a baby safe and sound to this world.

My second baby was more relaxing, I started feeling contraction around 4pm on a Saturday and he decided to come into this world the day after around 7:30pm. In this occasion I was determined to give birth in the hospital, so I arrived to the hospital around 4 am in the morning and I was almost in established labor which made me feel so release, still when they passed me to the waiting pre birth rooms, I kept chasing the midwife in charge to make her check on my progress, but she kept saying you are not ready yet, so I told her, then give gas.

Great decision for me because once I had the gas everything was turning into pink, even my hubby and I were making jokes out of silly things, he actually said I think I will take some gas home for the hard time to relax, hehehe. Finally around 4 pm the midwife decided that it was time to check on me, realising that I was already 7 cm dilated, amazing!!, work in progress :). I could feel all the changes in my body and how the contraction came closer.

I only had time to walk and stop having a contraction every 5 and 3 minutes until I arrived to the delivery room, there she was a strong midwife waiting for me, and with no time me saying I want to pushhh. All this time my hubby trying to guess what he should do and feeling uncertain on which way to treat me. The feeling of the push was like a reflection of the body (exactly how my mom describes it, like a sneeze and an urge feeling of going to the toilet), there it was I finally met that feeling and lived it, but for some reason again my baby position was back to back and it was difficult to get it out, so I had some help and taraaa baby on my arms crying, safe and sound, everyone in the room giving me that great smile of, a little person has just arrived!! :).


In both births my hubby was my strongest support, there he was in the most difficult moments, saying you can do it, loving me and embracing me with his glance and the warmth of his kiss and rub on my face, everything is going to be ok, his glance expressed it to my glance in every moment, and then hugging with his arms our little babies, babies made with love :).

Thank you and love



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The Secret of Spices and Herbs

I guess this topic will be better in my hubby’s hand, but for some reason I want to write about it. Spices and herbs have been around all my life, I come from a family where every single woman likes cooking, great grand ma, grand ma, mum and aunties, actually even the ones that we borrowed from other families that we also call aunties! they know how to cook too. Cooking is one of the greatest way to share our family culture and with this spices and herbs come into place.

I am always trying to understand what combines the best with certain food, and lately I have realised that spices and herbs are a good help to give a boost to the taste of our dishes in a very easy way, it is like if I already know it but it is now when the knowledge is awakening inside me. Sometimes, we have to know that some herbs are put right in the end but some others from the beginning of the preparation.

So here I would like to recommend you a free encyclopedia that describes herbs and spices as well as gives some tips on how to use them, Spices & Herbs/ Culinary Cafe, and also I would like to give you the name of a book that gives some suggestions on how to combine flavors ( great gift from my hubby, he is reading my mind lately), The flavour Thesaurus, very practical and easy to use.

One great thing about herbs is that you can have them fresh or dry, so even if you do not have a garden you can plant some of them in a pot indoors and they grow beautifully, thus you have them at the reach of your hand whenever you wish to use them.

Just to finish, after having all those lovely ladies surrounding me with great food I ended up marrying a great chef. I always say Life is grand 😉

Thank you and Love



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Half of the year is gone and it is incredibly quick the way is going, so I think it would be very helpful to review all those resolutions that you set at the beginning of this year when you were eating the grapes and start ticking the list.

For those resolutions that you can see are impossible or not quite ready for this year, feel free to put them off and reinforce those ones that are more realistic, put all your enthusiasm on them, even if the picture have changed, be flexible and change with it, set new resolutions according to what you are living and go with the flow.

Avoidance takes us to repeat the same situation again and again, so it is better to do what life is asking us to do than just avoid doing those special things in our path and miss something on the way because sometimes doing the ones not so special will lead us to the great ones.

Just a thought.

Thank you and love


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Love, Trust and Support

I was just thinking a couple of days ago how my kids are growing, how everyday I can see a sign of something new coming up, and how they are doing the next step by loving, trusting and supporting them.

One great example of the trusting part is the potty training, we tried to potty train my daughter about 8 months ago, and what we achieve was to put her off since she was not ready and the nursery was using a technique that was putting too much pressure on her, they sat her on the toilet every 20min, not very friendly approach I would say, but I did not realise this until now. About 2 months ago, my husband and I started talking to her about going to the potty or the toilet when she feels it is needed, so all the time we changed her nappy we reminded her.

Also when we went out with friends with kids I pointed out for her how the kids were going to the toilet and not wearing nappies, so little by little she was getting more interested in knowing what was happening until a week ago she took the nappy off by herself and used the potty, and she actually did both things that night and then went to bed with a knicker on without wetting herself through the whole night, amazing!!!

I keep on with the training because she is more aware when she is at home but outside she does not understand yet where she is going to do it as well as she gets more distracted, however I am not pushing her or going crazy about it, I remind her sometimes if she wants to go to the toilet but I do not get frustrated if she has a little accident.

Related more to the love part, I have been reading a book called  the secret of happy childrens, it talks about the two type of love we have to give to children, these two loves are named soft and firm by the writer, a wonderful way to describe how we should raise our children.

Children need our unconditional love to grow healthy, happy, confident and make a good contribution to the earth, this is were firm love takes part, we have to set clear rules for them and be consistent otherwise they will feel they can play around. This book also gives some great advises on how to handle the discipline by using a dealing technique, explain to children why something is wrong and let them think about it. It is a worth reading piece for all of those parents and carers around.

Last one but not least, support, only by being with them, they feel more confident to try and do new things, they take the risk. I could give many examples of this, but one good one is that my little boy once I sit down with him, he starts moving more about and explore more the things that surround him.

In addition to all I mentioned above, there is something very important, trusting yourself and the way you believe you should raise your children, always remembering that they need tones of those two type of love.

Thank you and love


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Have you stopped to think about your well being for a minute? Do you know what well being means? By definition this is what it means

“well-being – a contented state of being happy and healthy and prosperous.”

What an amazing word!!!!, we should all work towards this goal and give ourselves the opportunity to have well being, the question is how, what it works for me may not work for you, but here are little tips to this well being path.

Breath, breathing gives us clarity, whenever you feel stress, sad, desperate, overwhelmed, give a 5 minutes conscious breathing to yourself and if you want to give a proper boost to your life, you can practice breathing exercises and meditation, there are many techniques around that will guide you and you can try them to see which one suits you the best. I personally use Jon Kabat-Zinn cd, it has very nice body scan and mindfulness breathing exercises, this guy has a very nice voice and the body scan is not too long. You may fall sleep though, but keep trying!!!.

Believe, this is a very delicate point, it could be either believe in a religion or in something that do good to yourself and the whole world, something that keep up your faith in yourself and the surrounding world. Personally, I practice Nichiren Buddhism and lately it has come into my way a Hawaiian forgiveness technique called Ho’ oponopono ( mum’s recommendation), again it has worked for me, but not necessarily for you.

Read, reading will open your horizon, whatever you like reading, have fun with it. I also enjoy reading holistic and spiritual books, these ones have helped me to change my point of view about certain things in life, so here I give you a list: The alchemist and Brida(Paolo Cohelo), the Celestine Prophecy (James Redfield), A new Earth and the Power of Now (Tolle Eckhart), The easiest way to live (Mabel Katz), The four agreements ( Don Miguel Ruiz).

Enjoy, whatever you are doing be there, feel it, live it.

Listen to your body, my brother open my eyes with this point, allow your body to tell you what it needs, if you feel like resting, do so. We do not realize with our busy lives that sometimes we need to stop, have a break to re energise our bodies and minds, do not feel guilty, be conscious.

Spend some times with little people, children take us back to our childhood and creativity flourishes again if we spend some times playing with them.

Draw your dreams, literally take a pen and put down your wishes on a board or on a paper, whatever you prefer just do it. This is something that was very difficult for me to do and it can be harder if you feel distracted or overwhelmed, I used to do a board with pictures which idea was taken from The Secret, then I stopped doing it, and recently I was convinced by my husband and brother to do it again, this time I used a notebook and I wrote down instead of using pics.

Change your world sometimes, it is not only refreshing but also do well for your brain when we change the position of the things in our different rooms at home or simply change our route to work.

In addition to all these tips, love yourself and pay attention to key people in your path, some people open our eyes to things are already there, but we can be so worry that we do not realise they are there.

Everything I have written are experiences, theory and techniques are already written, you may find something that suits you better, so do not hesitate in doing some search and live your own way.

Thank you and love.

By Mariale

Crab Tian

Crab Tian, sesame dressing, avocado puree, blood orange

This is a simple and well balanced dish that could be easily prepare for a casual dinner or as an appetizer.

The main technique involved in this dish is the ” Emulsions ” where a fat is mix to a another product, in this case we have an emulsion on the mayonnaise as well as on the avocado puree.

Sesame mayonnaise:

  • 2 Eggs yolk
  • 280 ml of vegetable oil
  • 10ml of sesame oil
  • 1 garlic clove, crushed
  • 25ml of sherry vinegar
  • 1tsp Dijon mustard
  1. First of all, put the egg yolks into the bowl, add the crushed garlic, Dijon mustard, salt and a little freshly milled black pepper. Mix all of these together well. Then, holding the oil in a jug in one hand and an electric hand whisk in the other, add drop of oil to the egg mixture and whisk this in.
  2. However stupid it may sound, the key to a successful mayonnaise is making sure each drop of oil is thoroughly whisked in before adding the next drop. It won’t take all day, because after a few minutes – once you’ve added several drops of oil – the mixture will begin to thicken and go very stiff and lumpy. When it gets to this stage you need to add a teaspoon of vinegar, which will thin the mixture down.
  3. Now the critical point has passed, you can then begin pouring the oil in a very, very thin but steady stream, keeping the beaters going all the time. When all the oil has been added, taste and add more salt and pepper if it needs it. If you’d like the mayonnaise to be a bit lighter, at this stage add tablespoons of boiling water and whisk it in.
  4. Mayonnaise only curdles when you add the oil too quickly at the beginning. If that happens, don’t despair. All you need to do is put a fresh egg yolk into a clean basin, add the curdled mixture to it (drop by drop), then continue adding the rest of the oil as though nothing had happened.
  5. Add the sesame seed and check the taste.

Avocado Puree

  • 3 harsh avocado
  • 50ml milk
  • 100ml olive oil
  • 8 drops of Tabasco sauce
  • 2 limes (juice)
  • salt
  • white pepper corn
  • coriander
  1. Take the stones off the avocados and place the avocados  on a mixer, add the rest of the ingredients (apart from the oil) and mix until smooth, add the oil slowly until you have a really smooth creamy puree, seasoning..
  2. Reserve the puree on a container covering the surface of the puree with oil and cling film to avoid oxidation or the browning of the avocado. the key to avoid oxidation of the puree is to cover all surface that could oxidize from the air contact or by adding an acid or antioxidant to make sure the color is really green

For the Crab Tian

  • 100gr of White Crab Meat
  • 50gr of shallots onions (cut really small: brunoise )
  • 1 long dutch red chilli (cut really small: brunoise )
  • 1 coriander fresh (cut into Chiffonade )
  • salt
  • freshly ground white pepper corn
  • 1 tbsp of sesame mayonnaise
  • sesame seeds (black)
  • 2 tbsp of avocado puree
  • blood orange segments
  1. Mix the crab meat, with the shallots, chilies, coriander, a bit of the sesame mayonnaise and the black sesame seeds. mix well and check seasoning.
  2. Place the mix of the crab on the plate and top with the blood orange. As you can see on the picture i used a small ring to place the crab meat uniformly and top it with the blood orange segment.
  3. Decorate with a spoon of the avocado puree by using placing the puree around the Crab Tian .


  • You could prepare the same recipe with an already prepare mayonnaise and add a touch of the sesame oil and the Dijon mustard but i would recommend you to use kewpie mayo instead if you can have it available

By WillChef