Summer is here, where are we relaxing?

Hi All

At last we manage to get some sunshine in the UK. After quite a lot of weather changes it is getting hot and now is the time to enjoy it,

The problem is that we ALL want to work in the garden and do BBQs with the friends, but as you all know, that will bring as well all the accessories that you will need to enjoy a good BBQ. In my case I start the other way around, I buy the accessories before I have the BBQ and later I invite the friends home.

As you might know we where considering what garden accessories to get first, and my wife and I started talking about what we used to like and do as a kid and we were talking about our childhood, what we were doing and what we enjoyed at our kids age, we realized that most of our kids adventures and games were outdoor as we spent most of the day enjoying the weather, so we decided to look at the following product.

I order the stand with out the hammock as we already have one. The product was delivered on the date agreed and it was to the standard expected.

Unfortunately, so far I have not managed to enjoy the hammock as most of the time the kids are playing or sleeping on it, but is great to see the kids doing exactly the same things that we used to do when we were little, What a relaxing experience!!!

Now the stand is done and is time to try it over!! this is a great stand for the family as it can withstand up to 200Kg what it make it great for family time!!!!

As you can see on the picture is not only a fantastic relaxing place for your family but as well is a great piece of furniture for your garden, and I am sure that when the BBQ time comes everyone will want to be the one on the hammock

The stand is made with a really good quality wood and it looks solid and quite resistant, it can be found in different sizes and to withstand different weights depending on your needs. So far we have been trying the hammock (all the family on different occasions) and I just have one comment, some times when you are moving or swinging around on the hammock it makes funny noises but I am not sure is because it need a bit more tightening on the screws.

By Willchef

resting time

By Marialeg: And finally he managed to get some rest on the hammock :).




Kitchen Aid


Kitchen Aid Artisan Stand Mixer


The kitchen Aid Artisan Stand Mixer is a great chef tool that now days it could be use for almost every day to day preparation and cooking at home.

It comes in a lot of different colors and with a great variety of accessories like, pasta sheet roller and cutter, ravioli maker, grain mill, can opener, citrus fruit juicer, sausages stuffer, ice cream maker, vegetable slicer-shredder and many other accessories, which could help you on all day to day cooking.

I have had an industrial Kitchenaid mixer in all the kitchens that I have been working on and i have purchased one for my house as well,  which have been a great help specially if you have kids, this will help you with all your kids treat like Cookies, cakes, pastry doughs or ice cream at home, and will help you produce good food for your little ones with out the stress part of mixing all the time.

I have manage to buy this machine and the Blender that goes with it what is an amazing duo on your day to day cooking

One of the most important things regarding this piece of equipment is that is quite strong and versatile but there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind, if the machine is forced and the motor is damaged the machine become really unstable.

The other thing that has happened on all the machines that I have worked with is that the plastic pieces on the machine get broken really fast. on an industrial kitchen you get use to have the kitchen aid mixer with out the speed handlers but I never realized of this until I bough mine and a year after the parts where getting broken.

something else that you need to be aware of is that you will always be better of buying this machine from new or from a person that you know or have confidence with as you might have this machine on web sites as Ebay for a really good price but those machines might been repaired and resell.remember what i said about motor damage? well you will buy the machine thinking that is in perfect conditions and after some use you will realized that the engine have been damaged and repaired what will leave you with half of what this machine is really capable of.

By Willchef

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Our very first mission as a blog is to get to all your hearts through sharing our life experiences, those very simple things that make our lives a little bit more enjoyable, peaceful, practical and fun.

When my husband decided to create the blog and asked me for a name, the first word that came into my mind was Fortune, because we all need to keep up our fortune, develop and manage our talent to the very best. This makes us realize that in order to do so, we need to be connected to our present by improving the way we do certain things and living this simple things with all our hearts.

Thus, the blog shows mainly home and well being related suggestions with products recommendation to give you the big picture.

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